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Turning Point Counseling Services provides evaluation and treatment for problems such as depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, drug and alcohol addiction, mood disorders, sleep and personality disorders, and many other behavioral health problems.

We offer individualized treatment plans to provide a personal recovery outline that will best suit the client’s needs. Our services include:

  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Individual and Group Community Support/Case Management
  • Psychiatric and Medication Management Services
  • Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling
  • 24-hour Crisis Intervention
  • Emergency Services


The Diagnostic Assessment is a mental health assessment that provides an intensive clinical evaluation of a person to determine their level of functioning and mental status, and assess needs and physical health. The clinician gathers pertinent family and social history and explores history of previous behavioral health treatment. The assessment assists in treatment planning and determining appropriate services.

Counseling and Psychotherapy services are provided one-on-one and in group sessions. This process can help individuals understand the reasons for their behavior, emotional distress and/or substance abuse problems, and develop positive individualized plans for change.

Psychiatric services provide psychiatric evaluation, medication management and education by a team of psychiatrists and advanced nurse practitioners.

For those needing on-going assistance, Turning Point’s Individual Community Support Program offers case management services and the opportunity for the individual to reestablish balance and productivity in his or her everyday life. Case managers empower clients with support, education about their illness, and assistance in navigating available social services. Our Group Community Support Program provides daily activities, therapeutic interventions and education for clients in need of a more structured program. Clients participate in group oriented case management that is designed to increase support and coping skills for functioning in the community.

Drug and Alcohol Services are provided by qualified treatment specialists in individual and/or group therapy.

Crisis Intervention, available 24 hours a day, can help an individual regain his or her customary coping skills when they are temporarily feeling out of control.

Individuals in severe distress, who may present a danger to themselves or others, are possible candidates for hospitalization. The Emergency Services staff can assess the individual’s current situation and strengths before determining the appropriate level of care. By only recommending hospitalization for the most severely impaired, clients are better served and can begin immediate steps to recovery.

The Crisis Stabilization Unit is a short-term, residential facility that provides an alternative to hospitalization for those in crisis. Psychiatric services, necessary medication and focused group and individual therapy are provided in a calm, supportive atmosphere.


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